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business development

job description

company profile

DSG is an award-winning B2B sales enablement firm with more than 25 years of experience in operationalizing growth strategies by equipping sales teams with playbook content, tools, and training to maximize sales performance. DSG’s services are a blend of professional and creative work including: executive consulting, playbook development, training, video production, web application, and change management.


DSG Clients include Amazon Web Services, Spotify, JB Hunt, LinkedIn, Microsoft, FedEx, Discover, Sprint (now T-Mobile), Medtronic, Caterpillar, Adobe, and others.


DSG has continued to grow year over year since 2010 based on increasing market demand, innovative new products like our “vPlaybook” web app, and new services including video production and remote selling.

about the role

The Business Development Representative position is a sales role focused on securing executive-level meetings through target account research, e-mail, social networking, and lead follow-up.


A core value at DSG is team development and equipping each team member for the next phase in their career journey. BDRs are coached by our Sales and Marketing Operations Specialist and will have the opportunity to engage both the VP of Strategy & Marketing and President of the company.


In this role, you will learn about B2B industries and gain skills that will help propel your career in sales and marketing.

  • Target Account Outreach: You will learn how to create a personalized email approach to contact high-level executives in major companies across several industries in order to schedule meetings for our sales team.

  • Support Active Sales Cycles: You will work closely with our sales team to schedule meetings, assist in calls, and support the sales cycle as needed.

  • Cultivation: You will learn how to learn how to nurture and keep up with contacts and past clients that may be interested in connecting at a later date.

  • Marketing Lead Follow-up: You will convert leads created by DSG marketing efforts.

  • Side Projects: As opportunities arise, you may have the opportunity to help DSG in other areas of the business that interest you, such as channel sales, marketing, content development, affiliate partner support, and more.

responsibilities & focus
position requirements
  • A 200-500 word writing sample that will demonstrate strong writing skills such as a sample from an essay, research paper, or personal statement

  • Marketing, business development, or sales experience preferred but not required

  • Undergraduate degree with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.25

  • Track record of leadership and academic achievements

  • Collaborate with a close-knit team of BDRs that strive to always improve and support each other

  • Directly report to the Sales and Marketing Operations Specialist in one-on-one meetings

  • Opportunities to work with the owners of DSG on certain sales and marketing projects

  • Have access to our broad network of affiliate consultants that work with our clients in various industries

why DSG?
  • The ability to work with a market leader in Sales & Marketing Enablement that has wide exposure to what top B2B sales organizations are doing around the globe, learning about the top trends in sales messaging, and leading complex global sales pursuits

  • The opportunity to master the science and art of securing meetings with executive-level decision makers

  • Experience utilizing cutting-edge tools and skill to lead client conversations virtually

  • Competitive salary

  • Benefits including health,
    dental, and 401k matching

  • A culture that embraces
    innovation and collaboration

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