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business development

job description

company profile

DSG is a sales enablement company that specializes in strategic consulting to implement new growth initiatives across sales channels (e.g. new brand positioning, product launches, cross-selling, new markets, etc.). We are retained by enterprise B2B companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Fastly, Amazon and Abbott to enable their teams with sales playbooks through our video-based training platform. Our team is global with the majority of our consultants and staff working out of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe to deliver programs across 6 industries: technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, business services, and financial services.

program & job description

DSG is growing its Solution Consultant team.  Solution Consultants win new business across target accounts and within existing client relationships.  Our path to the Solution Consultant role includes a 6-month stint as a Business Development Representative followed by 12 to 18 months as a Business Development Executive.  You can learn more about each role below.

  • Business Development Representative (BDR):   The BDR position is a sales role focused on securing executive-level meetings through target account research, e-mail, social networking, and lead follow-up. You will learn how to create a personalized email approach to contact high-level executives in major companies across several industries in order to schedule meetings for our sales team. You will work closely with our sales team to schedule meetings, assist in calls, and support the sales cycle as needed. You will learn how to learn how to nurture and keep up with contacts and past clients that may be interested in connecting at a later date. You will cultivate and convert leads created by DSG marketing efforts.

  • Business Development Executive (BDE):  The BDE position is a sales role focused on engaging customers throughout the selling cycle including co-selling with Solution Consultants and affiliate partners. BDE’s will learn the foundational skills and best practices for engaging senior executives in consultative selling conversations, capturing and organization discovery documentation, positioning DSG solutions, supporting the creation of presentations and contracts, and strategizing on the plan for each opportunity and meeting. BDEs are also assigned to various projects focused on 3 to 6 month initiatives across sales, marketing, service delivery, and the vPlaybook video-based training platform.

  • Solution Consultant (SC):  SCs lead consultative sales conversations with senior sales and marketing executives in global B2B companies and manage opportunities from the lead phase to the close phase.  SCs master the art and science of navigating complex opportunities, gaining executive sponsorship, building a coalition of support that spans multiple stakeholders, creating solution recommendation presentations, developing proposals and contracts, and preparing the delivery consultants for an effective program kickoff.  Over time, SCs expand into a Senior SC role with broader responsibilities based on achieving performance milestones and succeeding in the expansion of existing client relationships.

position requirements

All candidates must have:

  • Example writing samples that will demonstrate strong written communication skills

  • Confidence in verbal communication and leading a consultative dialogue vs. simply presenting information

  • Marketing, business development, or sales experience (through internships or previous full-time roles)

  • Undergraduate degree (cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher)

  • Track record of achievement (leadership and academics
    in particular)

  • Directly reporting to the Head of Sales & Marketing who will guide your professional development

  • Working with the Solution Consultant Team to win new business

  • Collaborating with DSG account managers and Affiliate partners to support select growth initiatives

why DSG?

DSG offers:

  • Regular and active interaction with DSG executives (Principals and consultants who typically would not be accessible in a large corporation)

  • The ability to work with a market leader in Sales & Marketing Enablement (wide exposure to what top B2B sales organizations are doing around the globe, learning about the top trends in sales messaging and leading complex global sales pursuits)

  • The opportunity to master the art and science of securing meetings and managing complex B2B sales cycles with executive-level decision makers (e.g. Chief Sales Officers, Chief Marketing Offices, and Presidents)

  • Variety of advancement opportunities on the sales & marketing team

  • Experience utilizing cutting edge tools and skill to lead client conversations virtually (this is where the industry is quickly moving)

  • Competitive salary

  • Benefits (health, dental, 401K matching)

  • A culture that embraces innovation 
    and collaboration

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