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Key Stakeholders

  • Rocco Musumeche, Senior Vice President, New Business Development

  • Ed Anderson, Chief Strategy Officer


CompuCom provides consulting, integration, and IT outsourcing. Their industry and customers recognize them for delivering services that simplifies technology within an organization. The company’s nimble, custom approach sets them apart from their competition. 


accelerating new
customer acquisition


CompuCom needed accelerated momentum in pipeline development and new customer acquisition to drive growth within the highly competitive IT outsourcing market. 

  • Strengthen the new business pipeline
    After the creation of a new business development group, the sales team shifted to proactive approach to building a robust pipeline of opportunities in prioritized target accounts.

  • Focus on the right deals
    Given the focus on creating new business, it became critical to discern which deals were valuable and deserved more resources vs. wasting time on deals that were not going to close.

  • Create demand and differentiate CompuCom at the sales conversation level
    As the organization focused its sales efforts on core solution areas (e.g. Integrated Infrastructure Management and data center offerings) the field needed to begin leading more meaningful, strategic conversations and deliver a consistent message. 


DSG led the development of a “big deal review” process and sales messaging playbooks for prioritized solution areas. 

  • Big Deal Review Process – CompuCom leveraged the forecasting and qualification framework developed with DSG as the foundation for assessing which opportunities should be prioritized and which deals should be ignored.

  • Sales Messaging Playbooks – DSG collaborated with a cross- functional project team to shift the sales team away from traditional presentations to a more strategic approach to customer conversations. The resulting playbook content and tools focused on what to say, what to ask, and what to show in a customer meeting. A primary tool with each of the playbooks was a “whiteboard” for leading an interactive discussion and “solving problems with a picture.” The playbooks, whiteboard methodology and associated sales conversation training program gave the sales team the confidence and ability to begin engaging customers a compelling way that clearly differentiated CompuCom. 

“I like their approach. DSG doesn’t come in and say, ‘Here’s the answer, let’s go roll it out’. Instead, they engage a group of your best people to build it together so that it’s our stuff, not their stuff.”

Rocco Musumeche, Compucom SVP of New Business Development
  • CompuCom’s win ratio was 12.8% of deals pursued prior to the initiative. Within 12 months, the win ratio increased to 18% and it went to 26% the next year. In parallel, the pipeline has grown steadily. 

“Our pipeline grew as a direct result of the sales associates being able to lead a dialogue with customers that challenges their thinking and clearly differentiates CompuCom. In addition to pipeline growth, our win rate has risen sharply, based on complete adoption of the new qualification framework which helps the field stay focused on the right opportunities.”

Rocco Musumeche
the future
  • The next phase of the program is focused on the penetration of target accounts. DSG has already led the development and launch of an “Account Penetration Process” focused on new customer acquisition. A six-month cycle of reinforcement and coaching is well underway. 

“DSG has consistently helped the leadership team create measurable business results, which is, of course, the reason CompuCom has continued to work with DSG over so many years.”

Dave Kella, Affiliate Consultant, DSG
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