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Key Stakeholders

  • David Grace, VP Global Sales

  • Don Moore, VP Business Rental Sales

  • David Heywood, AVP Business Rental Development


Transportation services including car rental, car sharing, truck rental, fleet management, and retail car sales


creating differentiation
through value-based sales


In a price-competitive market, transportation solution company Enterprise Holdings (EHI) sought to differentiate their solution, drive renewals, and accelerate new customer acquisition.

  • Develop a Sales Transformation Program capable of driving lasting behavioral and cultural change over a 24-month period

  • Shift from taking orders and selling features to resetting requirements and influencing the customer

  • Build sales confidence in how to prepare for and lead an executive conversation

  • Engage in customers strategic initiatives and create business value using a proactive and analytical approach

“We needed a transformational program to get our salespeople focusing on value over price.”

David Heywood, AVP Business Rental Development, EHI

“We had phenomenal support from the leadership at Enterprise. They made it clear the playbooks and the usage of the tools are not optional but represent the new way of selling at Enterprise.”

Richard Ellis, Consulting Principal, DSG
  • Sales Messaging Playbooks: Sales conversation guide development and conversion to DSG’s vPlaybook web app (North America and Europe versions)

  • Sales Education Videos: Production of videos focused on EHI thought leaders and top performers sharing insights and demonstrating best practice 

  • Customer Facing Tools: Creation of sales collateral to enhance customer conversations including whiteboard presentation, infographic, case studies, animated videos, and slide presentations

  • Sales Manager Training: Delivery of two rounds of in-person, experiential training focused on coaching to the message and driving sales message mastery 

  • Sales Team Training: Delivery of regional in-person training sessions across North America and Europe focused on application of sales conversation content, tools, and skills 

  • Post-Launch Enablement: Twelve-month cycle of virtual training, manager-led coaching and certification, new content and tool releases, gamification, results tracking, and change management to ensure lasting program results 

“The vPlaybook app was critical to the success of this program. We’ve all been to events where you go home with a three-ring binder that you never open again. But the vPlaybook is a resource that sets our salespeople up to get refreshed every time they prepare for a call and get focused on what matters to the customer.”

David Grace,  VP Global Sales, EHI
DSG's unique value
  • Learning the EHI business and capturing the insight of leaders and top performers within the organization

  • Creating content and tools specifically focused on leading the sales conversation

  • Providing an engaging platform through vPlaybook for sales people to continue learning after the launch events, access the latest sales tools, and navigate the certification process

“We needed somebody with the expertise, the resources, and the organization to drive lasting sales behavior change. The amount of post-launch support DSG provided has been central to our success in building momentum and keeping the momentum going.”

David Grace
  • Enterprise Holdings is entering the second year of their Sales Transformation Program, which is expanding into additional strategic areas based on the momentum created in year one. Early success includes more than 700 qualified new opportunities.

“The most important thing is results. We’re six months into our launch, and we’ve already seen over seven hundred qualified new opportunities by selling high and early.”

David Grace
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