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Key Stakeholders

Chad Wilkins, President of HSA Bank

Kevin Robertson, Chief Revenue Officer

Ed Seaver, SVP of Relationship Management

Jim Kelly, SVP Sales, East

Scott Kiever, SVP Sales, West

Melanee Cira, Growth Content Strategist


Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

creating a sales system
for scalable growth


Health savings account administrator HSA bank had been successful in a growing industry. Now, HSA bank leadership wanted to get to the next level of success by codifying their selling system.

  • Build a selling system to enable long-term scalable growth above the industry average

  • Drive proactive engagement with target channels and segments

  • Create a new identity for the sales team as advisors

“Every person we bring onto the team raves about the playbooks. This is the best training they've ever had because it allows people to understand what to say, who to say it to, what to talk about, how to overcome objections, and ultimately it gives them a recipe for success, over and over and over again.”

Jim Kelly, SVP Sales East, HSA Bank
  • Sales Messaging Playbook
    Providing the sales team with a consistent story and value proposition, targeting & engagement strategies, solution insights, and a visual selling framework including whiteboard.

  • Sales Process Playbook
    Equipping the organization with a standardized sales process that supports best practices, and establishing a clear choreography across roles to act as one team.

  • Launch & Training
    Facilitating a launch workshop with senior leadership and a two-day experiential sales training focused on the new sales message and sales process.

  • Continuous Enablement
    Implementing a 12-month cycle post launch of ongoing reinforcement including sales manager coaching, additional in-person training, and certification.

“The playbook has allowed us to continuously cultivate and curate new content, and really make sure that all of the information we're disseminating to our team is up to date. Without the tool, it would be really difficult to get that same level of communication out to so many folks are across the United States.”

Melanee Cira, Growth Content Strategist, HSA Bank
DSG's unique value
  • Working with HSA bank to brand the internal “Empower” initiative for sales transformation.

  • Training the HSA Bank team throughout Continuous Enablement so the HSA Bank team can carry out enablement on their own.

  • Supporting the client’s administrator focused on automating and reinforcing sales best practices and creating account and opportunity visibility for management.

  • Developing customer-facing tools including animated videos and infographic with DSG’s video production and design services.

“DSG has been a great partner for us. The key is that instead of choosing a packaged sales methodology, we've really enjoyed customizing our solutions to who we are and where we are in terms of our evolution. That’s been part of what’s made us successful.”

Chad Wilkins, President, HSA Bank
  • HSA Bank senior leadership remained involved throughout “Empower,” contributing to the success of the sales transformation initiative. The number of deals in the pipeline has increased 45% and the size of deals in the pipeline is up 4x. The sales team is proactively identifying new deals and has the confidence to deliver the new identity message as advisors.

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