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Marketers, Enabling Sales Through Playbooks

Webinar for Marketing Leaders

November 16th at 3PM GMT


Every B2B company places bets on the future whether that means a major sales & marketing transformation or simply getting sales focused on a new product launch or how to sell remotely.  The challenge is turning great strategies into great sales messages that drive the results.  If you have a smart growth initiative, this webinar can provide concrete ideas on how marketing can enable your sales team or channel partners through video-based playbooks.


This webinar will be a "pick your path" experience where the top 2 growth initiatives that get the most votes from the participants will become the primary focus of the webinar. We'll break down each initiative you select and share real world insights and case studies.

Webinar Agenda

This webinar will be a "pick your path" experience where the top 2 growth initiatives that get the most votes  from the participants will become the primary focus of the webinar.  We'll break down each initiative you select and share real world insights and case studies.

Join us as we:


Explore challenges of consistent sales messaging that drive the growth initiatives

Share observations on virtual enablement and remote selling trends


Show examples of video-based value messaging & enablement that hits the mark for remote workers


Outline common growth initiatives executed by Marketing for B2B companies


Share how you can utilize virtual sales playbooks for sustained change across the sales team


Who is DSG?

DSG has worked with sales and marketing leaders to implement growth strategies across every sales channel through video-based sales playbooks, virtual training and continuous remote learning.  DSG’s insight into strategy implementation and sales enablement is based on its direct experience with sales enablement leaders at companies like Microsoft, Red Hat, Fiserv, Comcast, American Express, Spotify, Siemens, Fastly, Tableau and many others.


Who is Padeda?

Padeda works with companies to achieve sustainable organic growth through unifying purpose, people, and process. Padeda’s expertise has been developed through hundreds of implementations of sales performance initiatives within blue chip companies operating in business to business selling environments.

Meet the Presenters

Tanner Mezel

Over the last 20 years at DSG, Tanner Mezel has designed hundreds of B2B sales enablement programs across the tech, manufacturing, telco, healthcare and business service industries. Tanner has held a number of leadership roles at DSG including business development, marketing, strategy, and enablement.

Pascale Hall

Helps international and middle-market B2B companies drive organic growth and profit improvement by partnering with sales leaders on their go-to market execution, sales organization design, implementation, and capability building. Pascale is a managing partner for Padeda and leads the Sales Playbook practice. She is guest lecturer at Vlerick Business School and a regular keynote speaker at a number of sales & marketing industry events.

Des McCluskey

Works with clients on sales enablement implementation, performance transformation, strategy execution and change management. Des leads the Change Management & Implementation practice and has successfully guided clients across multiple sectors on their go-to-market execution, through front line sales leadership, multiyear sales operations performance transformations, team building and leadership development.

Dan Donovan

Helps clients achieve sustainable growth and customer centricity, with a specific emphasis on strategy execution and sales enablement. Dan leads the Sales Enablement practice with special interest in the forecast and efficiency apparatus of a business. His clients span a range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and professional services, IT and pharmaceutical sectors.

The webinar is November 16th at 3PM GMT

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