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Adobe’s Experience Deploying Mobile Playbooks

Adobe, like many organizations, is completely moving away from printed materials and shifting to the virtual world.  This shift is appreciated by salespeople who are coming to expect interactive content that can be consumed on the devices they use every day.  The concept of a “vPlaybook” makes sense to busy sales professionals who are getting ready for customer conversations and looking for practical tools that provide: What to Know (before the meeting), What to Say (during the conversation), and What to Show (to support the dialogue).

The vPlaybook is a remarkable and appealing way to share practical content with salespeople in place of the static material Adobe previously used. People want to learn, see, and use content more intuitively. Now the information is at our fingertips, where it is easier to use and structure presentations effectively.

Using vPlaybook is a fun way to talk about the opportunity we are about to engage. Everyone enjoys using vPlaybook, and it's easier for them to pick up the training than what we did previously with a classroom approach.

We noticed our salespeople delved into the content by reading and absorbing it, which is a massive change from what we've seen in other training programs. It's the first time we have seen such rich content in a single training session. Our vPlaybook includes content about the market and our positioning and shows sellers how to use that content through video which reinforces the learning. It has been a valuable way to train the teams, and the content is some of the best we've seen in Adobe.

The great thing about a vPlaybook is that it is brilliantly portable. You can take it with you anywhere, it's quick to access, and there are no startup issues. It's good to show people what we're doing using modern technology. They continue returning to vPlaybook from their iPad or laptop and we often see them spending cycles back in the vPlaybook when we previously never saw someone interacting with a static PDF after a training session. The engagement level with the vPlaybook content was a fresh change for Adobe.

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