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Aligning Sales Process with Growth Goals

Let’s assume the sales strategy is right. And the sales messaging is right. Have you aligned your sales process? Are the sales channels clear on “what to do” across the stages of the sales process? A sales process is a sales process. The real issue is whether or not your sales process and selling methodology is in alignment with your growth initiatives and go-to-market approach. Are the steps and the roles and responsibilities defined in light of your strategy? Have you included all related functions across sales, support, finance, marketing, management, services, and the partner channel? Have best practice been captured and validated? What sales planning tools will enable your strategy? 

When you begin to ask these types of questions, the sales process becomes a roadmap for implementing your strategy. Our next post will focus on sales leadership and coaching. If you haven’t watched the Strategies that Can’t Fail video, watch it here:

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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