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Coaching to Sales Strategy Implementation

So your strategy is right. Your messaging is right. And you feel great about your sales process. What is your plan for sales leadership and coaching? We all know you can nail the strategy. It can be truly compelling messaging. It can be a well-defined process that is fully integrated into your CRM system. But, implementation of your growth initiative is at risk if managers don’t coach to and reinforce your messaging and processes. Being careful not to oversimplify, the central issue is whether or not the sales leadership team leads the right coaching conversations this week, this month, and this quarter. When managers lead the right meetings, ask the right questions, and focus on the right metrics, broad-based execution of your growth strategy is much more than likely. It should be expected. A first step is to define your “cadence of sales review meetings” that provide the right context for reinforcing your strategy. Some of the most critical review meetings tend to be business plan reviews, account reviews, deal reviews and sales activity reviews. A coaching playbook for leading these meetings effectively will go a long way to aligning your sales channels.

Watch the below video on Building a Sales Leadership Culture:

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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