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Connecting Content and Action: The key to sales learning ROI

When the ASTD set out to measure the state of sales training in 2012, they found that companies spend $20 billion on sales training.  Despite this level of spending, almost 75% of companies are dissatisfied with the ROI.

This gap between desired and actual ROI is caused in large part because they're not responding to the trends and shifts in sales training. 

Shift from classroom to blended learning.  It's no longer feasible for everyone to always be in the same room, so a mix of online and classroom learning provides a means of maximizing the investment in sales training.

Increase in tech savvy reps.  As new sales reps enter the marketplace, they bring with them a set of expectations.  They’re used to technology and expect operations and learning to be tech-based--ready to go whenever they're ready to learn.

Change in the skills needed in the workplace.  No longer are our reps able to go in and either deliver features and functions—they now have to be provocative and deliver insights.  That takes a whole new set of skills companies are not necessarily equipped to deliver.    

It’s important to match your plan for sales training to these shifts.  Do this by mapping your strategy to how your sales people really learn.  They don’t learn solely by sitting in a classroom.  To address today’s learners, plan to provide...the opportunity to watch the best practice behavior of peersaccess to up-to-date content anytime, anywhere   tools ready to instantly use in the field               

Increasing the ROI on your sales training requires connecting content and action.  No longer can training exist within an isolated event.  In order to sustain training, it must also be available for just-in-time self education.  The best way to do that is through a playbook—a place to pull best practice content, videos, and other tools together in one place.  Then, your team will be equipped for action.


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