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Continuous Enablement at HSA Bank

Hear how HSA Bank drove adoption of a new selling system with DSG’s Continuous Enablement.

DSG's continuous enablement approach drove the adoption of a new selling system for HSA Bank. Companies tend to fall short by thinking, "Oh, I am hiring somebody to help me craft a sales process and create a solution I can take to the sales team. Then I train people, and magically it will be a success." That's not what DSG does at all. The majority of HSA's investment were for DSG's ongoing reinforcement.

Ongoing reinforcement was a critical component for indoctrinating the new selling system into the company's culture through continuous interaction with managers, the sales team, and different parts of the organization. DSG was engaged consistently throughout the year with newsletters, updated content, virtual training sessions, and coaching. At an individual level, it was impactful to not simply roll out the new selling system but to get change adopted which takes time. Having DSG available as a resource throughout that next year was fantastic.

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