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DSG and SAVO Partner on a Playbook Approach to Sales Enablement

DSG’s Sales Enablement Services + SAVO’s Powerful Sales Technology. DSG is proud to announce a partnership with SAVO.

While sales organizations make large investments in sales processes, methodology, messaging and training, many sales teams quickly forget what to do and what they have learned after an initial launch event. SAVO Sales Process Pro provides companies with the technology to continuously reinforce and coach the right skills, content, and tools within the CRM system. DSG helps client organizations create the selling processes, coaching frameworks, and sales messaging that provide the fuel for implementing sales enablement through SAVO Sales Process Pro.

Organizations can’t grow without getting everyone on the same page and aligning new reps and managers quickly as they come onboard. SAVO Sales Process Pro reinforces best practices at the opportunity level inside or Microsoft Dynamics. Reps are guided through the sales process and receive stage-specific best practice coaching, customer-facing content, sales messages, tools, and experts who can help. Managers gain the visibility they need to report and coach to successful outcomes. Establishing a detailed sales process and relevant content for each stage of an opportunity can be challenging for organizations to accomplish internally. DSG works collaboratively with clients to establish new sales processes, refine existing processes, build messaging content, and customer-facing tools as the foundation for SAVO Sales Process Pro. This framework gives reps exactly what they need to do, what they need to say, and what they need to show at each stage of the sales process. With the right sales enablement framework, content, and technology, DSG + SAVO Sales Process Pro makes it easy for reps to follow best practices and for managers to coach effectively at each stage of an opportunity lifecycle. Successful implementations shorten sales cycles, improve win rates, and lead to sustainable revenue growth.

Join us for a joint webinar with SAVO "Enabling High Impact Sales Growth - From Strategy to Reality" March 3rd at 1pm ET.  We'll discuss how B2B sales organization are implementing their "big ideas" for growth through a playbook approach to sales enablement.

For additional information about the DSG + SAVO partnership, read the press release.

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