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DSG Sales Training Programs Awarded for Excellence

We’re proud to announce that Training Industry included DSG in their 2015 Watchlist of movers and shakers in the sales training industry. 

“The closer you are to the company’s revenue, the more critical the investment in training is,” said Doug Harward, chief executive officer, Training Industry, Inc. “The watch list companies have embraced the opportunity to improve their company’s sales teams and sustain the impact of the change.”

DSG leads an integrated approach to sales training that combines insight, skill development, and best practice application. Training paths include in-person workshops, virtual modules, on-demand video, and “train-the-trainer” sales leadership training.

We collaboratively develop digital sales playbooks with B2B client organizations. vPlaybook is an interactive, digital guide, focused exclusively on the customer conversation. Designed to provide just-in-time content for sales reps at anytime from anywhere, vPlaybook is an ongoing development tool that extends learning beyond the actual sales training event.

“Once again this year, the companies on the sales training watch list are a very strong group of innovators in the sales performance improvement space,” said Ken Taylor, chief operating officer, Training Industry, Inc. “These companies have the qualities necessary to help move the needle in revenue generation.”

We build customized, experiential sales training programs based on your existing content library, sales playbook content, tools, and videos we develop together. DSG was picked for this award based on our innovative sales training approach, new or re-launched practices, targeted sales training service offering, quality of initial clients, and solutions focused on specific market vertical. spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry.

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