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Enabling Independent Reps through Sales Playbooks

Robroy channel partners voted the video playbook (vPlaybook) as the number one resource that enabled them to do their job effectively. The playbooks keep Robroy independent reps up to date on the product lines, educational opportunities for customers, available tools, and how to sell new products.

A couple of outcomes we were looking to accomplish through the sales playbooks were to keep our reps more informed of what was happening within our product line and make them aware of the tools available for them to utilize. We also wanted them to be aware of any educational opportunities for their customers. Most importantly, we needed to keep them updated on different product launches happening at Robroy.

One of the questions we asked in our feedback from reps this year had to do with the tools and resources found in our video-based playbooks. They voted the vPlaybooks as the number one resource that enabled them to do their job better!

We loved working with DSG. They invested time in us to understand our strategy and what we were trying to achieve and their entire process is seamless. Their staff is courteous and professional. They are easy to get in contact with and are responsive to our needs. I would encourage anyone who is considering going down this road to do yourself and your company a favor by making this investment. DSG is 100% worth it.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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