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Enterprise Holdings' Sales Enablement in Europe

Enterprise supports European franchise partners with a sales playbook and training.

When Enterprise first built the playbooks with DSG, we wanted them to be relevant in North America and across a growing network of countries across the globe. We had people from 19 franchise countries gain access to the playbooks and attend the training program where they received the same tools as everyone else in North America. We learned that many of the core principles of the program transcended boundaries. Price issues, showing value, and overcoming objections are challenges in every region and by inviting the global team to go through the same program, we enabled partners to have the ability to do the same things as our corporate salespeople are doing. These skills are now being effectively applied across Europe and driving consistency in every sales conversation.

The sales team loves the playbooks. It’s a great tool to leverage in the European market because it is very, very easy to communicate all of our concepts, products, and different knowledge across the network. We can easily update the Playbook with a recent talk track of the right customer story with the right tools and visual selling concepts. That knowledge can then be transmitted from iPad to iPad and from computer to computer across our network, where salespeople can view it in real-time. Having the content in several different European languages has made it easy to use for every seller.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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