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Enterprise Sales Transformation Success

Enterprise Holdings transforms their sales team to focus on selling on value over price. Keys to success at EHI include the support from senior leadership and commitment to first line manager coaching.

With the help of DSG, Enterprise transformed its sales team to focus on selling value over price. Keys to success at Enterprise include support from senior leadership and commitment to first-line manager coaching. We had phenomenal sponsorship from the leadership team at Enterprise, who supported the program and provided top-down communication to the rest of the organization that this program is not optional. The playbooks and the usage of the tools we're rolling out are not optional as they are part of the new way of selling at Enterprise. Getting engagement at all levels of our organization was the first step.

Next was to have a pre-meeting or a pre-launch before launching it to the masses, so they knew what it was in advance. When they went into a launch with their sales team, managers knew the content and how they could coach it. The content was certainly new to them, but they were well ahead of their salespeople, and they could be leaders right off the bat, which was very important. As we've seen in many of our programs, the first line management level is the key to success, and that was no different here with Enterprise. Their first line managers grasped the usage of the playbook and did many things to drive change and adoption in the field. They mastered the ability to do the sales presentation and whiteboard delivery themselves, and they consumed the content in the playbook to teach their team where and when they should use the content. They took it to the next level with coaching by integrating it into their monthly and weekly coaching calls to discuss the actual usage of the playbook, coaching guides, and other tools.

One significant outcome from the program was customer-facing tools that fall into three categories. One is to get a meeting, two is to facilitate the customer meeting, and three is to leave it behind for our customers. It's all to support the messaging we developed with DSG and launched through our "Drive" training. We selected DSG because DSG was a true partner for us. DSG wasn't only a supplier or a company who's just going to come in and give us a cookie-cutter solution. They came in and learned about our business and talked and acted as we do. They took what we knew internally and put it into a usable format to disseminate to our entire sales force. One of the things I constantly hear when I go on sales calls is, "How do I learn what you just said?"

DSG was able to bring transformation to our entire sales force, which is huge for us! The most important thing is results. We're six months into our launch, and we've already seen over 700 qualified new opportunities by selling high and early.

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