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Gaining Partner Mindshare Through Sales Playbooks

Gaining partner mindshare and building momentum within the indirect sales channel was accelerated through sales playbooks and the vPlaybook app. Robroy has transformed how products are launched to channel partners and created a scalable system for creating and updating video playbooks that give partners useful tools, messaging, and insights.

One of the challenges with the playbooks we needed to address is how our independent reps often represent up to 20 different products outside of Robroy offerings. As a niche product player, we are typically not one of their larger lines which makes it difficult for us to compete for the mindshare of these individuals. One way to create momentum is to make sure they're paying attention to our product and our category by giving them the tools to be successful along with measuring their engagement with that content.

We believed that starting with the right content was critical. We found success with the program after 21,000 views and real engagement both within and outside our primary industry. The feedback we’re getting from reps is that we’re providing some of the best training they have seen and it helps them win new business.

We reached out to DSG as leaders in the market for producing sales playbooks. We were looking for the playbook concept where our reps had the tools they needed to be successful in selling our product. One of the benefits of our partnership was really more of a long-term benefit. When we did the initial vPlaybook and worked through getting content put into place, the process taught our team at RobRoy how to deliver content better through all of our product launches.

We've continued to use the same concepts - insight selling and the structure that DSG gave us during our initial engagement. DSG enabled us to modify the playbooks, deliver more product launches, and we recently have created our own playbook. The benefit is now having a consistent method to go out to the marketplace. Sellers know where to get the resources. They know when to go and look in the system for insight before they go on a sales call.

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Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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