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Implementing Sales Enablement to Improve Revenue Predictability

Implementation and Outcomes 

In our last blog, Sales Enablement Lessons on How to Improve Revenue Predictability, we considered a situation experienced by IT outsourcing company CompuCom. Their situation was all too familiar—new sources of business were in decline making it difficult to predict future revenue. CompuCom worked with DSG to create sales enablement tools addressing the issue. (You can read about that process in the Case Study.) 

 Today, we look at what you do to ensure implementation of the sales process and sales messaging created in part one. And, we’ll go ahead and tell you ...for CompuCom, there is a very happy outcome to this story. 

  1.  Establish Accountability to the Sales Process A sales process is only as good as the disciplined, and consistent effort given to it. By holding your salespeople accountable for carrying out the process, you reinforce new skills and identify needs for coaching and new sales enablement tools. At CompuCom, they scheduled weekly calls to review the pipeline and each rep’s Top 10. This allowed reps to hear best practices from others in the field and receive coaching.  

  2. Reap the Rewards through Hard Work Results can be seen only through disciplined, focused effort over time. It’s this commitment to the process that leads to improved success rates. CompuCom’s win ratio was 12.8% of deals pursued prior to the initiative. Within 12 months, the win ratio increased to 18% and it went to 26% the next year. In parallel, the pipeline has grown steadily. 

 “On the results side, our pipeline grew as a direct result of the sales associates being able lead a dialogue with customers that challenges their thinking and clearly differentiates CompuCom. In addition to pipeline growth, our win rate has risen sharply based on complete adoption of the new qualification framework which helps the field stay focused on the right opportunities and ignore the rest.” -Rocco Musumeche, CompuCom SVP of New Business Development 

 “DSG has consistently helped the leadership team create measurable business results, which is, of course, the reason CompuCom has continued to work with DSG over so many years.” -Dave Kella, DSG Consultant

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