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Messaging and Leadership Partnership with TELUS

Telecommunications company TELUS created sales messaging and sales leadership playbooks with DSG resulting in sellers leading richer business conversations which lead to higher margins for TELUS.

TELUS created sales messaging and sales leadership playbooks with DSG. The content enabled sellers to deliver richer business conversations that brought higher margins for TELUS overall. TELUS and DSG have enjoyed an amazing partnership over the past three and a half years. The partnership initially began when TELUS needed to do things differently in the sales organization.

With DSG's support, we decided to create a full-fledged messaging framework focused on helping our sales organization tell business transformation stories at every stage of the sales cycle. In parallel, we had our sales leadership development program that ensured that our Sales Managers, Directors, and VPs were able to coach those conversations and drive sales behavior change.

As a result of this framework, the business has seen some fantastic wins over the past few years. Sales executives can go to a customer and have broader, richer business conversations. Those types of conversations create deals with higher margins for TELUS by opening up a world of possibilities for the products and solutions we can sell to the client.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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