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Modern Sales Playbook

You have sales education content. You may have sales playbooks. But are your playbooks modern, interactive, trackable, tied to CRM, and video-based?

What is a modern sales playbook? In our experience, a modern sales playbook has four key characteristics that make a tangible impact on the adoption and usage of a playbook by your sales team in the field.

Characteristic number one is what we call “just-in-time”. This is the idea that salespeople are always busy preparing for different sales conversations. They often collect content from lots of different sources, and sometimes they have to start again each time from scratch. The idea of “just-in-time” is to package all the content, tools, and training your sales team needs in one easy and convenient location. This can help ensure sales conversations are executed consistently well.

Characteristic number two is video. Think of 60 to 90-second clips of your top performers bringing your content, tools, and training to life. It really makes a real difference if your salespeople know what good looks and sounds like.

Characteristic number three is about being repeatable. Use standards, templates, and simple ways of navigating the content that your salespeople can get used to. This is a great way for them to access those materials on the go. A playbook creator who is able to scale different products and messages can keep consistent across the playbook by using those same templates that your salespeople are already familiar with.

Characteristic number four is about being trackable. Feedback can show your playbook creator what's working and what's not working so they can keep the right content live and curate the best information for your sales organization. The other advantage of being trackable is for your sales managers. Managers are able to analyze what their team is using and can offer the right coaching to suit the given situation.

If you're in the position of updating an existing playbook or creating a playbook from scratch, consider these four characteristics. We think you'll find it makes your playbook modern, relevant, and more useful for your sales team in the field.


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