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Ongoing Enablement at Enterprise

Enterprise takes a long-term view of sales enablement with incremental certification and ongoing monthly reinforcement. 

Enterprise started with a long-term perspective that allowed us to begin with the end in mind. The way we built, launched, and now sustain and enable the team with the content, allows an incremental approach through certification and mastery. DSG's long-term commitment was shown not only when launching the program in a face-to-face setting but also through live reinforcement sessions.

Reinforcement sessions were facilitated with North American managers as well as European managers, and we could see the progress we had made since the initial launch. We were then able to add additional content and tools that speak to managing and coaching. Our post-launch program has been second to none. In the past, there would be a short period where knowledge from training would continue then the sales managers would be responsible for ensuring the practices persist. The team would often get back into their offices and focus on the daily grind, where the training knowledge would soon be lost. Having DSG support our DRIVE initiative right through to the expert level of usage was vital because we knew we couldn't drive that internally. We needed a partner with expertise, resources, organization, and experience leading reinforcement efforts.

One of the keys to success was continued engagement with our sales leaders from the top, right down to the frontline sales managers, which we've accomplished with DSG's support. DSG gives us the tools we need, including quarterly updates that highlight successes and keep communication with every level of our company (even outside of sales), and a meeting-in-a-box tool where DSG produces a monthly meeting in every one of our sales groups. We're experiencing consistent messaging with every single one of them. DSG also sends a monthly bulletin that talks about successes, performance measurements, how many page reads are in the vPlaybook, and how many awareness meetings we are getting. The results from the monthly bulletin are communicated and shared with those sellers in the field. In our company, we are competitive and want to be at the top of that measurement.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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