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Outcomes through a Playbook for Sales Leaders

RingCentral collaborated with DSG to build and launch a sales leadership playbook and sales coaching framework for each business segment. Coming out of sales kickoff and the sales leadership training workshops, RingCentral managers embraced the“human element” in how they used the coaching framework to drive sustainable sales results and explosive growth.

The approach RingCentral took was to partner with DSG to build and launch a sales leadership and coaching program. It was a collaborative effort where we gathered ideas and a framework across our team combined with DSG models. We carefully connected this framework with RingCentral's culture, systems, and processes that we had to date. We ultimately built a tailored sales leadership framework that was customized across our three sales segments which were successfully launched through sales management training sessions and supported to this day through continuous enablement.

RingCentral saw several results from creating a sales leadership playbook with DSG. During the kickoff, we hit a new record from a stock price perspective, and coming out of kickoff we measured the rapidly expanding number of coaching sessions across our six core coaching areas.

We also interjected new guides into our interview process. We started to measure the type of talent we were bringing in the door and how the talent was helping RingCentral continue to see explosive growth. The impact I'm personally most proud of from our partnership with DSG was our project called LEAD - Leadership Enablement And Development. Our leaders have recognized the human element of everything they're doing.

With COVID-19 impacting the world, our sales reps who were used to traveling every day are now grounded. In the current landscape, it's more important than ever that our leaders are out there coaching both the person and the results they're bringing to the table. I'm proud to confidently say that all our leaders are embracing this method of coaching.

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Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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