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Playbook Mapping

Many organizations set out on a playbook journey but need help distilling down the sales messaging content and tools. The key to successful playbook mapping is to focus on key sales plays for your organization and develop a plan to fill in content gaps and drive utilization.

If you're a product manager, marketing manager, sales ops executive, or sales enablement leader and you've made the decision to take the company on a sales playbook journey, the hardest thing ia knowing where to start. You may have great content with a variety of messages and many different sales tools, but how can those resources be turned into a tight and sales-friendly playbook?

At DSG, we find it's helpful to think about the sales playbook as a blueprint. Like all good blueprints in sales enablement, playbooks are based on the customer's buying journey and the different selling scenarios your teams will face. We often refer to those selling scenarios as sales plays that fit somewhere on a continuum of complexity and playbook depth.

At one end of the continuum, you have a strategic view with a comprehensive playbook approach. This is useful when you have a new company story, strategic solution, new audience, or new vertical you're trying to approach at a corporate level. That's the big picture comprehensive playbook.

At the other end of the continuum is a range of playbooks that are more narrowly focused. Think about a specific competitor you're trying to challenge or a particular product you're trying to launch. This is where you need specific talk tracks with the right sales messaging for your sales team to deliver on those specific customer initiatives and outcomes.

DSG will audit your content and collaborate with you to build a tailored sales playbook blueprint. The blueprint helps you understand your priorities as options range from comprehensive to narrow. We'll then guide you on how to package your content, tools and training into a sales-friendly format that is brought to life with videos of your top performers showing what good looks like. Finally, DSG can help you roll out playbooks through manager-led training, micro learning, live virtual training, success sharing podcasts and ongoing coaching.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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