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Product Accelerators

A product accelerator brings enablers your sellers to quickly commercialize new offerings through video-based training and reinforcement.  The right accelerator will help every seller adopt and master where to go, what to do, what to say and what to show in every sales conversation.

Let me know if this might sound familiar to you. Your sellers are ignoring your new product and it's painful. Or it could be that your sales team is missing opportunities to cross-sell, which can be super frustrating. Why do these situations happen? Your sales team may be getting stuck in what worked in the past and you need to show them a better way. They need a new approach.

One of the ways you can form a new approach is through a product accelerator. A product accelerator teaches sellers how to tell a specific product story. And it shows them when and where they should be cross-selling in existing accounts. As you think about building your first product accelerator, it needs to be “at a glance” level content. Keep it simple and give sellers exactly what they need to know, do, say, and show to be successful in their next product conversation.

Secondly, use video. Salespeople love to watch videos! Think of YouTube videos that provide 60 to 90-seconds of insight showing them what a good product conversation looks. It's super important for your first product accelerator to be sales ready and video will help make that happen.


Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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