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RES Software Transforms Sales Approach

RES Software aligned sales and marketing around a new sales engagement approach to accelerate revenue growth.

With the help of DSG, RES Software aligned sales and marketing together around a new sales engagement approach to accelerate revenue growth. The most significant business outcome was increase and predictability with sales and revenue, where we saw revenue increase thirty-five percent year-over-year.

DSG enabled our go-to-market strategy by bringing three essential elements when developing the overall process. The DSG team has expertise with companies similar to ours, so they quickly understood where we were with our people, processes, and organizational maturity. Another critical aspect was the very efficient process they offer. Most importantly, the differentiator for DSG is the vPlaybook technology. We found the acceptance of the vPlaybook, the ease of maintenance, and the engagement it created between DSG, our team, partners, and customers was extraordinary, especially with keeping the information updated. The program gives us tools to have a more consistent approach to forecasting and managing opportunities. When we look at our business with the whiteboarding methodology, we have the chance to go in high and early with our customers. It helped us enter a different level in the sales cycle to get more quality conversations with C-level people.

This program had a profound impact on RES. We were able to increase the overall effectiveness of our sales. The framework for sales coaching, development, and leadership this program has put in place gave us a road map for scaling our business with repeatability to achieve our long-term goals and take the company to the next level.

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