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RingCentral Challenges in Building a Leadership Culture

RingCentral was focused on 3 major challenges: sales managers operating as “super reps”, no common definition of sales coaching, and the lack of a consistent cadence for how sales managers plan and communicate across every team.

RingCentral faced three major challenges when executing a program to develop the sales leadership team. Having recently promoted several of our top-performing account executives into management, we had some “super rep” behavior from the manager. 80% of our leaders shared that they knew this behavior was happening. They were self-aware but looking for a solution.

The second major challenge was that we didn't have a universal definition of coaching. We had locations all around the globe that were thinking about it in different ways. Defining coaching as a unified team was very important to realizing our vision for managers.

The third and final challenge was not having a common cadence that everyone was following. We knew a common sales leadership and coaching cadence would align our coaching activities and communication approaches to a set of core standards.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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