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Sales Insight Roundup: Workplace Learning & Work-life Balance

The sales insight roundup gathers news, research and provocations from thought leaders in sales and leadership. Here’s what we found interesting this week:

Learning Is the Most Celebrated Neglected Activity in the Workplace

From HBR

Everyone says that learning is essential for companies’ success—and for your own. And yet, on a daily basis, who cares for your learning? No one. People care about what you have learned. They care about your results. Learning is great as long as you do it quietly, in your own time….

Take your job’s design. Does it leave space for you to process your experiences and draw a few conclusions or imagine alternatives? Do you have access to people who see the world from another perspective—or just to good old feedback? How often does your team have open conversations about your work together?...

The question then is not whether we have time for learning, at work or elsewhere. It is what kind of learning we are encouraged, and have the courage, to pursue.

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How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Day

From HBR

Since most of us can’t sleep later in the morning than we currently do, the only option is to get to bed earlier. And yet we don’t. Why? The reason is twofold. First, we’re so busy during the day that the only time we have to ourselves is late in the evening – so we stay up late because it’s our only downtime. Second, we have less willpower when we’re tired, which makes it tougher to force ourselves into bed…

Experts recommend giving yourself at least 30 minutes each night to wind down before attempting to sleep. You might also try setting an alarm on your smartphone letting you know when it’s time to begin, so that the process becomes automatic. However you choose to use the time before bed, do your best to keep this time free of negative energy. Avoid raising delicate topics with your spouse, and don’t even set your morning alarm right before going to bed – it will just get your mind thinking about the stresses of the next day. (Instead, re-set your alarm for the following morning right when you wake up.)

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You’re Passionate About Your Job. Should Your Kids Be, Too?

From Fast Company

Many parents struggle to communicate what they do, and what they’re passionate about, to their kids. For Parker, whose position at WQXR falls squarely in the “cool jobs” side of the continuum, it ought to be easier than for most. (Parker recalls that his own father was an accountant; there wasn’t much to bond over.) But even when you have a job you’re passionate about—perhaps especially when you have a job you’re passionate about—sharing that passion with your children poses distinct challenges. Here's what Parker has learned about helping your children value what you are passionate about.

Don’t be a purist...

Treat your kids equally-even if only one shares your interests…

Pay it forward…

Respect your kids’ personalities…

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