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Sales & Marketing Alignment: Buying Conversation Examples

The model below is a high level example of ‘Buying Conversation Map’ which is utilized to map out sales enablement requirements based on the customer buying process. Here is an example application of the model: If the ‘Who’ is a CFO and the ‘When’ is an Early Stage Discovery meeting, what might be the CFO’s purpose for that meeting? What would be the ideal outcome? Does the CFO sponsor our assessment process? The salesperson will need insight into industry trends to reframe that conversation and a whiteboard model that can be used to drive a business dialogue vs. presenting a PowerPoint deck or just asking lots of questions.

Another scenario is the Solution Recommendation meeting. Let’s say you are meeting with the COO plus other stakeholders. What is the ideal agenda? What goes into the presentation? What are the proof points? Competitor traps? What is the leave behind?

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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