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Sales Messaging Playbooks

Create the kind of playbook that every salesperson can use to get ready for that next sales conversation. Your new hires can get up to speed and seasoned salespeople can get the latest insights, talk tracks, and competitive intelligence.

How do you bridge the divide between a great company strategy and what your salespeople are actually saying during customer conversations? It could be your company's new sales approach, a new product launch, or how to differentiate from the competition and win market share.

But does your strategy turn into great sales conversations? For a lot of companies, the bridge from marketing to sales is a sales playbook. An effective playbook provides sales with the right content for the right person at the right moment of the buyer's journey.

The content is something they can leverage to dry-run the delivery of a sales message that is precise and client-focused. Picture a simple tool track along with smart discovery questions to lead a compelling sales conversation. Ideally, you’ll include videos of top performers in the playbook sharing how they deliver the sales message or tailor the story for a specific scenario whether the meeting is virtual or in-person.

What you are seeing is a playbook that gives people what they need to know, what they need to do, what they need to say, and what they need to show to lead an engaging sales conversation. Every salesperson can use the content to not only prepare for the next meeting but also to drive that conversation forward and ensure a consistent message at each stage in the buying journey.


Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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