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Sales Transformation: A Practical Checklist

How is that New Year’s Resolution going? Many people find that without support, it is difficult to keep momentum throughout the year - resulting in a bounty of abandoned resolutions. In over twenty years experience consulting, DSG has seen similar struggles with sustaining sales transformation “big ideas” that come from the C-suite at the beginning of a year or quarter. For instance, having the accountability of a personal trainer is likely to keep a fitness goal on track; otherwise, life gets busy, and things get in the way of even the most well-intentioned resolutions. By the end of January, 1 in 3 people abandon his or her New Year’s Resolutions. If an organization does not create a compressive sales playbook for implementing an executive’s “big idea,” it may fall to the wayside just like a resolution to “eat healthier” or “go the the gym more.” Don’t let that happen with your “big idea” for 2014. We compiled insights from our veteran DSG sales consultants with steps for creating a successful sales transformation with your team in 2014. Check out the infographic below and show initiative by passing the Sales Transformation Checklist on to your CMO or VP of Sales.


Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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