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Selling with Strategic Partners at Red Hat

A strategic sales play for Red Hat is going to market with strategic alliance partners. These solution partnerships create the need for clear, compelling messages that salespeople can utilize to position the integrated story. Watch this video learn how a partner playbook approach accelerated momentum for Red Hat and SAP.

The big idea at Red Hat was an opportunity to sell solutions to help move customers to a newer SAP platform. We needed to effectively articulate this opportunity and sales approach to our sales teams and partners. DSG facilitated a design workshop and helping us create both the sales message and tools in collaboration with our solution architects, sales, and marketing.

We needed a team to help us take this information and distill it into actionable content, tools and training. DSG made sure we had the right personas and looked at what we needed to say to each of those buyers. SAP and Red Hat each had a story to tell but a combined strategy and message needed to be created, simplified and validated.

We have received incredible feedback from partners that while the sales teams haven’t always loved what marketing produces, the sellers found that the sales playbook content was super practical and useful. Even IBM, who is now the parent company to Red Hat, was extremely impressed with the alliance partner sales playbooks we’ve created.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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