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Successful Sales Campaign at SVB

Silicon Valley Bank transformed how new products are launched through a sales playbook and virtual training approach. Historically, new product sales campaigns were not part of the SVB sales culture. A critical success factor was creating alignment around key messages to the client and equipping the sales team to lead the right conversations, handle objections effectively, and convert leads to new business.

The biggest challenge SVB had with the Innovator's Card Campaign was that we had not done a campaign before. Historically, it has not been part of our sales culture to push a limited-time offer or a product offer that hits the market with a few key messages.

DSG helped us drive and enable the card campaign by crystallizing our sales messages and tools. From a sales perspective, it was critical for our relationship managers and product advisors to have the right messaging to take to the client. The right messaging included why a product made sense for them, why the product made sense at this particular time, and why it made sense to choose SVB.

Once we had that information together, DSG took those thoughts and put them into a sales playbook with some specific sales plays that we could use as training with the rest of our sales organization. They were getting the best of the best - access to content that was clear and easy to understand and immediately apply with clients. We were getting best practices at scale because of how the sales playbook was put together.

What I’m most proud of is the number of conversations that continued past any tough questions or objections from the customer. Whereas they previously would have stopped as soon as there was an objection. Leading more of the right sales conversations and delivering the right value proposition led to a campaign that truly exceeded our expectations for getting more meetings and converting those meetings into revenue.

Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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