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Webinar: Transforming Super Reps to Super Coaches

Most B2B companies invest heavily in sales enablement as a path to higher sales performance but rarely invest in the sales management team. Under-enabled sales managers typically get stuck operating as “super reps” or spend too much time just managing the numbers.

How do you get sales managers to operate as strategic leaders who maximize the performance of every player on their team? How do you shift the identity of a sales manager from “super rep” to a sales coach? Through this webinar with Elay Cohen, CEO of Saleshood, and Tanner Mezel, VP of Sales & Marketing at DSG, you’ll learn how senior sales leaders and sales operations teams design, launch and sustain a sales leadership and coaching culture.

Key insights you will take away will include how to:

  • Build a sales operating system that helps managers drive sales outcomes

  • Give 1st line sales managers the tools to up-level their sales team

  • Make a sales coaching identity stick

  • Measuring ROSL (Return on Sales Leadership)


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