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Virtual Selling Overview

For a lot of sellers it’s a challenge to replicate the in person experience over a web meeting. There are remote selling best practices that every seller needs to follow in order to create focus, increase engagement, and drive insightful conversations that help navigate selling cycles.

Over the past 20 years, our team has led thousands of virtual selling conversations with B2B buyers. Over those years, we have also worked with our own sales team and hundreds of thousands of our clients’ salespeople who need to master the art and the science of leading a remote video call.

For many sellers, it's been a big challenge in recent years to try to replicate the in-person experience. The in-person experience doesn't naturally translate. You are likely familiar with how easily distractions can come up in a web meeting. You look at your phone or check your email. You come back to the meeting, then you're unconsciously back out of the meeting!

As a seller, how do you maintain interest, focus, and move through buying steps in every conversation? That's what we want to cover in this video series. We want to give you practical ideas on how to start fast and create engagement by letting your prospects and customers take some control in the meetings to engage them fully, both mentally and emotionally. We will also cover how to drive conversations that bring value to the customer and help you navigate the sales cycle.


Sales Plays

Creating Focus Through Sales Plays

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