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What do top performing Sales Reps and a Superbowl Champion Quarterback have in common?

The Seattle Seahawks’s impressive Super Bowl XLVIII win got Bruce Scheer, DSG consultant and Seahawks fan, thinking about how his football team’s winning strategy relates to the sales strategy he thinks on every day:

What does a top performing Sales Rep and a Superbowl Champion Quarterback have in common? They both prepare for the big moments. Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, nailed it on the head when he said "The separation is in the preparation."

As we work with clients, there are several ways to help sales reps prepare to have winning sales conversations:

  • Provide sales reps with a sales playbook to reference before meetings and in real-time, while waiting on the line or in the lobby, which allows them to hone messaging skills and identify relevant insights to share. 

  • Teach sales reps to use a conversation plan, so they can anticipate what they want to say, and what they want to show in meetings related to the specific prospect and opportunity. 

  • Help sales reps determine their territory and account plans, which improves their effectiveness and relevance in bringing the right answers to their top opportunities. 

  • Teach sales leaders how to be great coaches, and teach them the questions they should ask their sales reps to ensure the team is prepared.


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