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What Insight Sales Conversations Look Like

Insights don't exist alone... they are part of an overall conversation. So, what does an insightful sales conversation really look like? These conversations can take the shape of a couple different scenarios:

Scenario #1: The casual conversation The customer and salesperson are sitting across from each other. The salesperson is sharing perspectives, research, a point of view, and a provocation as the customer reacts. It's a back-and-forth dialogue without a visual, slides or whiteboard.

Scenario #2: The visually aided conversation In other cases, the salesperson will be showing the customer something to really bring the insight to life – using a model or a picture to create the dialogue. This may be a visual on a whiteboard, a model or information on a mobile device, or something drawn on a piece of paper.

  • When thinking through the actual sales conversation for either scenario, Insights should form around these questions: What is the dilemma that if left unaddressed will inhibit the company's ability to meet objectives for growth, market share, revenue, or margins?

  • What is standing in the way of the company implementing their big idea for growing the company?


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