What is Sales Transformation?

Sales transformation is the alignment of every sales channel with strategies for driving growth. We like to call those strategies for driving growth the "big ideas." Organizations typically come up with significant shifts in focus that can create big growth but also require a big change in sales focus, in sales behavior, and in sales skill. A simple way to think of sales transformation is moving from defining what is going to change to achieve growth to figuring out how to make the change stick. 

For example, if the "big idea" is a strategic new product, the change may be all about mastering knowledge to sell the new product. However in other organizations, the new product or solution may require new selling skills for selling at a more executive level or a more solutions-oriented approach.

Another common sales transformation is a shift from selling individual products to selling an integrated solution, where different offerings and services come together to solve a broader set of customer business problems. In most cases, this kind of transformation will involve learning completely new sales behaviors in terms of what reps are selling and to who reps are selling. This change requires a new set of knowledge around the customer's world and the organization's capabilities as well as new skills to have a very different sales conversation with broader sets of customer stakeholders. You know you've achieved sales transformation when there is a change in behavior, change in skill, and impact on sales results are both measurable and sustainable.

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