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Key Stakeholders

  • Arthur Calderwood, SVP Marketing & Sales Operations

  • David Bakker, President Europe

  • Samantha Ross, Sales Excellence Program Leader

  • David Heywood, AVP Business Rental Development



Air transport IT specialist

driving growth through
sales excellence


Facing an increasingly complex customer world and aggressive competition, SITA made the decision to drive growth through enhanced sales capabilities.

  • Up-skill the sales organization on how to lead customer-centric business conversations

  • Build sales confidence and mastery around the complete solution portfolio

“The goal was to enable sales to lead authentic and valuable business conversations with customers early in their buying cycle at a high level of the organization. As a result, enabling the field to provoke the customer’s thinking, generate new ideas, and create demand.”

Samantha Ross, Sales Excellence Program Leader, SITA

“Because the world is becoming more and more complex, we needed to make sure our sales force is able to have the right conversations with the customer.”

David Bakker, President Europe, SITA

DSG worked with SITA to enable the global sales team to lead business conversations based on customer priorities by industry vertical.

  • Sales Messaging Playbooks: Creation of 11 video-based sales playbooks by product and industry

  • Global Sales Message Training: 700 SITA salespeople trained through in-person, experiential workshops

  • Coaching Sessions & Train-The-Trainer: Content, tools, and workshops focused on enabling SITA sales managers to drive sales message mastery across their respective sales teams

  • Ongoing Enablement: Comprehensive reinforcement through coaching, playbook updates, best practice sharing, and accreditation

“DSG was willing to adapt their program and methodology for the SITA environment through a highly collaborative process with all of the key people in our company.”

Arthur Calderwood, SVP Marketing & Sales Operations, SITA
DSG's unique value
  • Extracting insight and best practice from senior leaders and top performers

  • Specialization in sales content development

  • High impact training through experiential exercises and gamification

  • Rigorous process for institutionalizing change and ensuring sales mastery of new content, tools, and skills

“Over the course of the program there has been noticeable behavior change and measurable impact. More than 50 percent of the sales have increased their new business contribution by 4x. All the sales reps who have been certified, together closed 670 million dollars in new business and generated new forecasted pipeline totaling 475 million dollars.”

Samantha Ross, Sales Excellence Program Leader, SITA
  • This program is a comprehensive investment in sales training, sales tools, and coaching that has generated sales endorsement, financial returns, and the praise of executive management. The business outcomes have included higher new business contribution by sales rep and growth in new forecasted pipeline.

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