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DSG’s team of independent sales and marketing consultants help their clients implement growth initiatives through our sales playbook solutions.

partnering with DSG

Over the past 30 years, we have embraced an Affiliate model for engaging B2B companies.  DSG Affiliates leverage their existing relationships with leaders in sales, marketing, HR or enablement roles to create exploratory conversations with DSG.  We co-sell playbook solutions with each Affiliate and win new business together.


DSG Affiliates own their client relationships and it’s our job is to make is easy to win a sales playbook project. 


DSG offers concierge level support to the Affiliate community through a team of full-time resources in design, marketing, sales, operations and finance.

how it works

No cost to join.
Sign Affiliate Agreement.

Onboarding: Weekly onboarding calls and utilize Affiliate Onboarding Playbook


sales playbook solution

DSG is a growth consultancy company that provides consulting, training, video production, and creative services to B2B companies. The DSG solution is organized around the concept of a video-based sales playbook that provides salespeople with what to know, what to do, what to say and what to show.

An effective playbook gives salespeople and channel partners with the content, tools, and training to implement prioritized growth strategies or initiatives (e.g. selling an integrated solution, launching a new product, shifting to a new message, cross-selling, vertical selling, etc.).


Playbooks are the foundation for experiential training programs that build momentum and lead to mastery of the content, tools, and best practices in each playbook. DSG can deliver playbooks through its vPlaybook web app or deliver the content through each client’s preferred apps.​

DSG’s approach can support an existing sales methodology and the content we build is created specifically for each organization’s products, messaging, people, market, competitive landscape, and culture.

DSG’s capabilities


DSG professional services include assessments, executive alignment workshops, content development through cross functional workshops, leading experiential training sessions and delivering ongoing continuous learning support.


DSG’s creative team builds sales ready content including infographics, presentations, eBooks, sales education video, and customer-facing video. 


DSG’s vPlaybook app is a video-based sales training platform.  vPlaybook makes it easy to create and deliver content, tools and training that help salespeople, managers, and indirect sellers know what to do and how to do it.

affiliate support & collaboration


​Interactive Onboarding

  • A new Affiliate cohort begins onboarding each month

  • Structured onboarding process

  • Access to a video-based onboarding playbook to learn DSG solutions and how others are reaching out to create conversations


We focus exclusively on B2B companies in the following 6 verticals (example clients below):

Business Services
Financial Services
technology clients

interested in learning more?

We would look forward to exploring how the DSG Affiliate opportunity might help you expand your business and maximize your impact on each client.

For specific questions about the program please send us an email and we’ll get back to you quick:

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