Business Impact of Sales Playbooks

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Growing Solutions Revenue in Strategic Accounts

Three separate product sales forces were joined to sell integrated solutions into major accounts. Panasonic engaged DSG to build an account development process and sales messaging for each division. The associated sales playbooks were implemented through an 18-month sales change management program.

Revenue Growth in Top
100 Accounts
Increase in Multi-Product

"The change required by our sales team and leadership was significant. DSG has accelerated our time to results through playbooks, training events, and collaboration with each of our vertical VPs and sales managers to drive change. They have become a trusted ‘insider’ within Panasonic."

Scott French, VP of Government Sales

Shifting to an Insight-Based Sales Approach

A division of Ingersoll Rand was making the shift from selling products to selling solutions through insight-based conversations with prospects and customers. Ingersoll Rand engaged DSG to accelerate sales team mastery of insight-based selling through interactive playbooks, experiential training, and continuous enablement.

Wins Worth
in 6 Months
Rapid Pipeline Growth to
and Trending Up

“The big transformation for us has been from traditional solution selling to leading with ideas and insight. Instead of account managers showing up with a blank sheet of paper and asking a lot of questions, we're leading with value added perspective about the customer’s business to better drive organic new business growth.”

Ryan Eckert, Sales Excellence Coach

Creating Differentiation through Value-Based Sales

In a price competitive market, transportation solution company Enterprise Holdings (EHI) sought to differentiate their solution, drive renewals, and accelerate new customer acquisition. EHI engaged DSG to implement a 24-month Sales Transformation program focused on enabling the field to sell on value vs. price at the executive level.

Qualified New Opportunities

“The most important thing is results. We're six months into our launch, and we've already seen over seven hundred qualified new opportunities by selling high and early.”

David Grace, VP Global Sales, EHI

Driving Growth through Sales Excellence

Facing an increasingly complex customer world and aggressive competition, air transport IT specialist SITA made the decision to drive growth through enhanced sales capabilities. SITA engaged DSG to develop sales messaging playbooks by industry and product, deliver experiential training to 700 sales professionals around the globe, and drive mastery through ongoing accreditation, coaching, and best practice sharing.

Results of Reps Certified on “Sales Excellence”
New Business Contribution
Closed New Business

“More than 50 percent of the sales have increased their new business contribution by 4x. All the sales reps who have been certified, together closed 670 million dollars in new business and generated new forecasted pipeline totaling 475 million dollars."

Samantha Ross, Sales Excellence Program Leader, SITA

Achieving Sustainable Top Line Revenue Growth

Tableau moved upmarket in the business intelligence space, requiring the sales team to engage both business and IT audiences at the executive level. The sales leader’s mandate was consistent enterprise message delivery and rapid enterprise story mastery by hundreds of new salespeople. DSG and Tableau created an Enterprise Messaging Playbook followed by DSG-led sales training for all salespeople globally and monthly new hire training over a two-year period.

Grew Top-Line Revenue from $127M to $412M
Grew Six-Figure Deals from 239 to 781
Doubled the Number of Customer Accounts

“Over the past 2 years, Tableau grew top-line revenue from $127M to $412M, doubled the number of customer accounts, and grew six-figure deals from 239 to 781.  DSG’s playbook approach to sales enablement was one of the accelerators of this momentum.”

Barry Sowerwine, SVP Enterprise Sales North America

Selling Integrated Solutions by Industry

Within the digital marketing business unit, the sales team was stuck selling point solutions at a tactical level. Adobe engaged DSG to accelerate the shift to positioning a digital marketing platform at the executive level. DSG led the creation of industry-specific playbooks that enabled the field to tell an integrated story and share insights based on the customer’s industry.

YoY growth for Adobe's Marketing Cloud

“Our business unit is moving to both an industry-specific approach and integrated solutions platform at the same time. C-level conversations that communicate a unified message have become a critical success factor. We collaborated with DSG to develop sales messaging playbooks and video-enabled training to accelerate progress in the field.”

Robbie Traube, VP Industry Marketing

Achieving Sustainable Top Line Revenue Growth

Raymond sought to increase market share in a hyper competitive market by transitioning from selling lift trucks to selling material handling solutions. Raymond engaged DSG to build playbooks for sales process, messaging, and coaching, followed by training events and twelve months of reinforcement.

Record Revenue Growth of
Record Market Share by Winning More Business vs Top Competitor

“Last year we had our most profitable year ever and we also created the highest market share ever. The DSG program was a key contributor to this success through the structure and the processes and the “Recipe Books” we implemented in collaboration with their team.”

Chuck Pascarelli, Raymond President, Sales & Marketing Division

Implementing Strategic Growth Initiatives

Over 10 years Citrix embarked on a range of growth initiatives including implementation of an enterprise sales organization, acquisitions, and new software products. For each strategy change, DSG led the creation of sales playbooks, executive alignment workshops, and delivery of customized training programs to accelerate the time to results.

$300M to $3B Over 10 Years

“DSG is a key resource I look to for insights and perspective on both sales and sales leadership effectiveness. Across the Citrix organization, DSG is viewed as the sales strategy and methodology expert we leverage to equip our global sales team. Over the past eight years of sustained growth and expansion, DSG has been a committed partner on a broad range of strategic and tactical sales enablement initiatives, and I truly consider them part of my team.”

Al Monserrat, SVP Sales and Services

Accelerating New Product Revenue Growth

The growth strategy for Talend’s data integration software depended on the sales team mastering solution-oriented sales messaging, leading strategic conversations with CIOs, and communicating a more comprehensive story. For two strategic solution areas DSG led the development and implementation of sales messaging, whiteboard visuals, and training to accelerate growth.

Master Data Management YoY Sales Revenue Up
Big Data Business Grew

“The vPlaybook web app and the DSG methodology have helped us organize all that the sales people need to know, say and do. DSG’s emphasis on the customer, their world, their dilemma, and how to develop provocative insights to engage executives is invaluable. In particular, the virtual playbook format makes it easy for us to update content and make it accessible to the field as they prepare for meetings.”

Jean-Michel Franco, Director of Product Marketing

Building a New Sales Identity to Improve Profitability

In the competitive marketplace for industrial gloves, Ansell needed to differentiate as a solutions provider and partner to customers. Specifically, international competitors were taking market share and reducing Ansell profitability. Ansell engaged DSG to build a solutions-oriented sales identity through executive alignment, playbooks (process, coaching, messaging), training, and ongoing change management.

Higher Margins vs Top Competitors
Industrial Division Became Most Profitable of Ansell's 3 Divisions

“DSG became our partner in moving the business a significant step forward. We knew the factors that were putting pressure on our business and where we needed to go, but DSG helped us get there faster and make the results sustainable. Over the years, we’ve come to really appreciate DSG’s flexible platform for sales enablement which we’ve been able to evolve as our market conditions continue to change."

Ray Morris, Director of Sales Development

Winning Net New Customers Through Higher Win Rates

CompuCom’s IT services and outsourcing business needed to strengthen the new customer pipeline, focus on the right accounts, and differentiate at the sales conversation level. DSG led the creation and roll-out of sales messaging and sales strategies focused on landing the right accounts and expanding within those accounts.

Win Rate

“Our pipeline grew as a direct result of the sales associates being able to lead a dialogue with customers that challenges their thinking and clearly differentiates CompuCom. In addition to pipeline growth, our win rate has risen sharply, based on complete adoption of the new qualification framework which helps the field stay focused on the right opportunities.”

Rocco Musumeche, SVP of New Business Development

Scaling for Growth

As Opower headed towards IPO with its energy analytics solutions, the leadership team intensely focused on ensuring sustainable growth through consistent sales messaging and faster time to productivity for new hires. DSG and Opower implemented the enterprise messaging, whiteboard presentation tool, and sales conversation training that enabled solution-oriented business conversations within the utility industry.

Faster New Hire Time to Productivity
Exceeded Annual Sales Goals

“We had a great year from a sales growth perspective, and one of the contributing factors was DSG’s help creating an enterprise messaging playbook and training our sales team. One of the most important outcomes was the clear acceleration of new hire onboarding and new salespeople’s quick mastery of the Opower story."

Ogi Kavazovic, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

Building a Proactive Sales Culture

ITT, a manufacturer of connector systems, focused on reigniting growth by focusing on net new customers and building a more proactive sales culture within. DSG led the creation of sales messaging, sales process, and sales leadership playbooks and globally deployed training and reinforcement.

YoY Growth

“The sales playbooks and the new messaging in particular gave the sales organization much greater confidence in hunting for new business which was a big part of how we grew revenue 15% year over year.”

Skip Paterson, VP Human Resources and Administration

Accelerating New Customer Growth through New Positioning

The focus at Webtrends, a digital marketing software company, was new business acquisition versus just defending the customer base. At the same time, Webtrends was shifting its identity and positioning in the market. DSG led the creation of new sales messaging, a sales conversation playbook, delivery of sales conversation training, and ongoing reinforcement that enabled the sales team with the confidence to communicate new messaging at the executive level.

YoY New Business Growth During the Six Months Following Implementation

“The number of meetings with the right decision makers has increased sharply. Our pipeline and bookings forecast is stronger. Our win rate in head-to-head competitive deals is much higher. Our sales force is more confident than they have ever been because they are better prepared to compete and win."

Michael Gear, VP Sales

Reducing New Product Time to Revenue

Waters continuously releases innovative laboratory instruments and technologies, and needed a new sales enablement approach that would reduce new product time to revenue. Waters partnered with DSG to create playbooks to help salespeople master each new product story faster and deliver the message more effectively in customer conversations.

Surpassed Sales Projections for Major Product Launch

“The playbook is a nice tool for salespeople. They keep using it because it’s the right set of content and practical guidance to refresh the memory during the weeks, months, and quarters after a training roll-out.”

Alex Tisserand, Managing Director Sales Development and Support

Aligning Sales & Marketing for Revenue Transformation

RES, a software company, partnered with DSG to achieve “Sales and Marketing Alignment for Revenue Transformation,” i.e. project SMART. The objective was to transform the global sales process to drive predictability and revenue growth. Sales and Marketing were aligned through virtual playbooks that outlined sales plays, use cases, buying triggers, discovery questions, and customer facing tools.

YoY Growth

“With DSG we were able to align sales and marketing. The most significant business outcomes were greater predictability and increased revenue of 35% year over year.”

Tracy Mustacchio, CMO

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