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client delivery

The client delivery team excels at delighting our clients. Client-facing roles include Facilitator, Trainer, Playbook Creator, and Project Manager.


Thought leadership creation is the core of DSG marketing. That content and insight flows into DSG’s branding, messaging, lead generation program, website, and social media channels.

video production

Video production brings client playbooks, training workshops and thought leadership content to life. Our team covers the end-to-end process from capture through post-production.

business or technical writing

Until we write it down, it doesn’t exist. DSG’s writers capture, create, and improve the content that makes our marketing efforts and the delivery of DSG’s products and services a reality.

business development

The business development team excels at finding new clients to serve, developing custom solutions, and creating more value for existing clients. Roles include Relationship Manager and Solution Consultant.

graphic design

The design team creates internal and client-facing presentations, infographics, video graphics, training materials, and more through the Creative Suite, PowerPoint, and our HTML5 web app vPlaybook.

database management

Research managers and experts build and improve the data and systems that make lead generation at DSG possible.


Everything from HR to administrative to finance is covered by our operational team which excels at solving problems and keeping DSG running smoothly.

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