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One of the most scalable ways to accelerate revenue growth is through resellers or distributors.  But how do you maximize the performance of those indirect channel partners?  DSG can help you enable channel partners to deliver the right sales messages and equip your channel managers to effectively develop partners through video-based channel playbooks, custom channel training, and continuous learning.

big idea

Maximizing the sales performance of resellers and distributors

Leverage through channel partners is typically created in two ways. One is joint selling WITH strategic alliance and solution partners. Selling with a partner requires a compelling joint value proposition and clarity on how each side of the partnership will enable their sellers to successfully position the story with prospects and customers. The second is selling THROUGH channel partners like resellers and distributors. Selling through channel partners requires a focus on modern partner enablement, rapid partner onboarding, and a commitment to partner coaching.

channel performance objectives


Consistent messaging to and through the channel


Scalable partner onboarding


Proactive channel management & coaching


Customer outcomes focus adopted by indirect sellers

is this your change vision for channel managers?

  • Tactical engagement

  • Strategic advisor to the partner

  • Motivating through discounts

  • Value and insight-based enablement

  • Reactive technical support for sales cycles

  • Proactive coaching and development

  • All partners are equal

  • Investment in prioritized partners

  • Inconsistent channel coaching

  • Repeatable channel management system

driving indirect selling through video sales playbooks

Sales Messaging

Our Messaging or Integrated Story

A Sales Messaging Playbook maps out the strategic partner joint message or the sales plays and talk indirect resellers and distributors will utilize with end user customers.

Channel Management

Proactive Partner Planning
& Coaching

A Channel Management Playbook provides guidance on the tools, best practices, roles, and best practices for maximizing each channel partner relationship - particularly resellers and distributors.  


A Co-Selling Process Playbook gives clarity on how a strategic partner and your sales organization will sell together: rules of engagement, joint sales conversation best practices, joint sales team roles, account plan frameworks, and deal strategy tools.

Co-Selling Process

Navigating Sales Cycles with Partners


Accelerated Time to Performance

An Onboarding Playbook is the process, content, tools and video-based training that help a new channel partner get productive as quickly as possible.  It includes messaging, onboarding stages, available resources, and a path to mastery of your story and go-to-market approach.

DSG solution

sales & marketing alignment
playbook development
high impact

DSG can help you accelerate momentum in 3 ways:

  1. Leading the creation of a partner playbook in collaboration with your partner team, sales team, marketing team, and select channel partners.

  2. Producing and packaging your partner education videos, partner sales collateral and video-based partner sales training playbook

  3. Delivering virtual partner sales training along with continuous learning that ensures the channel adopts and masters your story at a real world level

recommended resources

The resources below will provide deeper insights around the creation and implementation of partner playbooks and partner performance programs through sales playbooks, experiential partner sales training, and continuous learning

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