Integrated Solutions

Is your sales team able to make the shift from selling individual products to selling the complete solution portfolio?  Positioning an integrated solution means that salespeople must fully master a more strategic sales message and lead sales conversations at the executive level. DSG can help you accelerate implementation of a multi-product solution strategy through video-based sales playbooks, experiential training, and continuous learning.

Big Idea

Multi-Product solutions to business needs


  • Larger, strategic deals

  • Competitive advantage

  • Expansion into enterprise accounts

Common Challenges by Function

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​Cool idea, but I’m going to keep selling what I know


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Sales Managers

Unfortunately, I can’t make this a priority for my team. The only metric that matters is hitting my number.

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This 90-page PDF should help the sales team understand the integrated solution. And here’s 15 new tools too!

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Great marketing idea, but my job is to develop and manage individual products.

3 Ways You Can Accelerate Momentum


  • Time Bound

  • Outcome Focused

  • Defined Sales Activities

Playbook Approach

  • Simple

  • "How To" Videos

  • Practical

  • Bite Size

Cross-Functional Content Creation

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Product

Playbook Approach to Integrated Solutions

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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