Partner Co-Selling

Going to market with solution or alliance partners can represent a huge growth opportunity.  But how do you enable effective joint selling and a consistent, compelling integrated story with each partner?  DSG can help you accelerate partner momentum through creation of the integrated story with each partner, video-based partner playbooks, co-selling training, and continuous learning.

Big Idea

Maximizing sales results through strategic partnerships

Ingredients for Successful Partnership

Proactive strategic planning

Clear, compelling joint value proposition

Role clarity on joint selling motions

Is this Your Change Vision?

  • Partner logos on a website

  • True business partnership

  • Limited joint pursuit of new business

  • Proactive joint selling

  • Sales confusion on why to partner

  • Clear value for sales to engage partners

  • Each organization messaging in a silo

  • Integrated story that resonates in the market

Enabling Partner Co-Selling Through a Video Sales Playbook

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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