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Sales Transformation Keys to Success

We’ve watched hundreds of B2B organizations succeed as well as fail at Sales Transformation. Sales Transformation cannot happen in organizations where leaders underestimate the level of change required or underinvest in Sales. Here’s our Top 10 list of how to get change management with Sales Enablement right:


  1. Clear Change Vision Build a "change agenda" that documents on a single page the #1 goal of transformation, the behavior change required, the metrics of success, and the initiatives to enable sales. For extra credit, gain alignment from Product, Marketing, and Sales leadership for your "change agenda." 

  2. Address Motivation for Change Ensure absolute clarity on why the change matters to the organization and why it matters to the individual.  

  3. Sponsorship from Chief Sales Officer Establish executive sponsorship. No single factor is more critical than the head of the sales organization casting the vision and mandating the change. 

  4. 1-1 Communication Explain the nature of the transformation & expectations for each salesperson through 1-1 sit downs with managers. 

  5. Practical Content & Tools Take the mystery out of how a salesperson or manager will implement the new strategy by providing the right materials. Example content and tools: new sales messages, new talk tracks, new disciplines, new tools, etc. packaged as a guide or sales playbook. 

  6. Mix of Leading Indicators & Performance Metrics Establish what will be measured, who will measure it, when it will be reported, and how it will be reported at the highest levels in the organization. 

  7. In-person Launch Events Equip sales through experiential workshops focused on how to make the change with sales managers leading table discussions and exercises throughout the session. 

  8. Full Buy-in from 1st Line Sales Managers Drive sales transformation through weekly, monthly, and quarterly coaching conversations between sales managers and their teams. 

  9. Early Wins to Build Momentum Encourage the team by sharing success and insights broadly across the organization through every medium available. 

  10. Energy & Focus For 24 Months Maintain energy and focus for 24 months. Hit pause at 12 months to evaluate progress and revisit each of these success factors in developing the year 2 plan.

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