Product Launch

When launching a new product or service offerings, how do you accelerate commercial momentum with your sales team or channel partners?  Selling the new product means every seller knows exactly what to say and how to say it for both new accounts and existing customers.  DSG can help your sales, marketing and product teams work together to enable your salespeople through video-based sales playbooks, custom training and continuous learning.

Big Idea

Faster time to new product sales results


  • Account expansion

  • Diversification

  • Competitive advantage

  • Entry into a new market

Common Product Launch Mistakes

  • Lots of marketing, strategy, and campaign work

  • No practical sales engagement strategy


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  • Degree of change underestimated

  • Assumption that salespeople will automatically buy into selling the new product


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  • Product training that emphasizes product specs and lacks guidance on how (and when!) to sell the new product

  • Over-reliance on a big launch event and promotion to build sustainable momentum


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Transforming Your Next Product Launch

  • Traditional product training

  • Sales acceleration

  • Too much focus on what the product does

  • Showing salespeople how to sell the new product

  • Comfort zone selling legacy products

  • Sales embracing new offerings

  • Lack of early momentum for previous launches

  • Rapid time to market and revenue outcomes

  • Inconsistent new product positioning

  • Clear, compelling story in every sales conversation

Playbook Approach to Product Launch

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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