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B2B companies often invest heavily in their sales people but not in their sales managers.  Under trained sales managers typically get stuck operating as “super reps” or handling too many general management responsibilities.  DSG can help you instill a sales coaching and performance culture through video-based sales coaching playbooks, custom sales leadership training and continuous learning.

Big Idea

Maximizing your return on sales leadership

Why Organizations Invest in Building a Leadership System?

Maximize sales team performance

Accelerate the impact of existing processes, tools, and training

Reduce sales attrition

Implement new growth strategies or sales plays

Is this Your Change Vision for Managers?

Current State
Desired State
  • Managers as "super reps"

  • Managers as coaches and change leaders

  • Inconsistent coaching practices

  • Coaching system with repeatable practices

  • Week to week orientation (tactical mindset)

  • Command of the business (strategic mindset)

  • Talking to everyone every day about everything

  • Coaching cadence for focused conversations

Playbook Approach to Sales Leader Enablement

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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