Investing in Sales Coaching Skills to Maximize Team Performance

B2B companies invest heavily in their sales people, but not in their sales managers. The reality is that first-line sales managers are one of the most significant leverage points in the sale organization.


of companies extensively train sales managers


provide zero sales manager training

Sales managers get stuck talking to every salesperson every day about everything.  While simultaneously investing most of their best energy closing deals and operating as a super rep.  DSG’s sales leader development program accelerates sales manger adoption of a new identity:  “I’m a sales coach and change leader who maximizes the performance of every salesperson on my team.”

Making Training Actionable

Core Learning Modules

Coaching skills are developed through a series of in-person or virtual training modules

Role Play

Individual Exercises

Pre-Scheduled 1-1 Coaching Calls

  • Maximizing Return on Sales Management (ROSM)

  • The four roles of a sales leader

  • Developing a business plan

  • Opportunity coaching

  • Territory coaching

  • Account coaching

  • Pipeline and forecast coaching

  • Sales message coaching

  • Assessing sales talent

  • Leading change

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