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When you shift your company story or positioning in the market to create differentiation, how will you bridge the divide between a great strategy and what salespeople are actually saying in every sales conversation?  DSG can help you drive sales adoption and mastery of a new sales message across your direct or channel sales team through video-based sales playbooks, custom sales messaging training, and continuous learning.

big idea

A new sales message that creates differentiation in the market

A new sales message might look like new company positioning, new differentiation in the market or even a new way to lead sales conversations. Regardless of the specific change in message, the outcome is to engage target personas and target accounts with the right story and lead compelling sales conversations that influence customer decisions. Your first step is to decide whether the biggest challenge will be creating the new message or getting every salesperson and channel partner to deliver that story in a consistent, meaningful way. Or both!

why companies change their sales message


Commoditization in the market


Response to aggressive competition


Old company identity is limiting


Repositioning in a new or broader business category with analysts or investors

is this your change vision?

  • Stuck selling individual or legacy offerings

  • Sales mastery of the broader story

  • Operating in silos

  • Sales, marketing, and product teams fully aligned

  • Leading with product

  • Leading with business insight

  • “Me too” messaging

  • Clarity on “why us?”

delivering your new message through a video sales playbook

Salespeople gravitate to sales enablement content, tools and training that prove useful and easy to apply. A video-based sales training playbook is a way to put everything a seller needs into a virtual, interactive sales kit. What makes a sales playbook practical is the organization of content around common selling scenarios or sales plays. If a seller needs a visual and a talk track for a new customer conversation, it’s just one click to get to a sales training video, insights, discovery questions, and the collateral needed for the call.

DSG solution

sales & marketing alignment
playbook development
high impact

DSG can help you accelerate momentum in 3 ways:

  1. Leading the creation of a new sales message in collaboration with sales, marketing and product stakeholders

  2. Producing and packaging your sales education videos, sales collateral and video-based sales training playbook

  3. Delivering experiential sales training along with continuous learning that ensures salespeople adopt and master the story at a real world level

recommended resources

The resources below will provide deeper insights around the creation and implementation of new sales messaging through sales playbooks, sales training, and continuous learning.

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