New Story

When you shift your company story or positioning in the market to create differentiation, how will you bridge the divide between a great strategy and what salespeople are actually saying in every sales conversation?  DSG can help you drive sales adoption and mastery of a new sales message across your direct or channel sales team through video-based sales playbooks, custom sales messaging training, and continuous learning.

Big Idea

A new sales message that creates differentiation in the market

Why Companies Change Their Sales Message

Commoditization in the market

Response to aggressive competition

Old company identity is limiting

Repositioning in a new or broader business category with analysts or investors

Is This Your Change Vision?

  • Stuck selling individual or legacy offerings

  • Sales mastery of the broader story

  • Operating in silos

  • Sales, marketing, and product teams fully aligned

  • Leading with product

  • Leading with business insight

  • “Me too” messaging

  • Clarity on “why us?”

Delivering Your New Message Through a Video Sales Playbook

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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