Sales Process

Consistent selling processes for managing deals, accounts, pipeline and forecast create the foundation for sales performance and scalable growth.  But what if your sales organization has not aligned a repeatable selling system?  DSG can help you leverage any existing sales infrastructure in the creation of selling processes that fit your selling environment, CRM platform, and the sophistication of your sales team. 

Big Idea

Creating scalable sales results through sales process adoption

Why Organizations Need a Sales Process?

Faster sales cycles through effective opportunity management at each stage

Stronger pipeline through proactive creation of net new opportunities

Pipeline visibility and forecast accuracy based on customer buying milestones

Account expansion within existing accounts

Higher close rate through smarter late stage closing activities and best practices

Adoption and utilization of CRM to maximize sales effectiveness

Is This Your Change Vision?

  • Ad-hoc sales activities across the team

  • Consistent, repeatable sales process and associated practices and tools

  • Reactive sales engagement

  • Proactive, disciplined sales culture

  • “Under-leveraged” customer or partner relationships

  • Strategic development of prioritized accounts and partnerships

  • Inaccurate forecasts and limited pipeline visibility

  • Fact based judgment and predictability based on accurate, data-driven info

  • Lack of role definition

  • Role clarity across the “extended sales team”

Aligning to the Customer Buying Process

A selling system starts with the customer buying process.  How your customers buy is the foundation for creating clarity on how salespeople influence the buying process and how sales managers coach and reinforce the right sales behaviors for your market.

A Playbook Approach to Sales Process Enablement

​Account Development Playbook

  • Plays: expansion & renewal

  • Account team roles and best practices

  • Internal & customer-facing planning cadence

  • Account planning tools

  • CRM reports & dashboards

​Opportunity Management Playbook

  • Stages

  • Roles & best practices

  • Opportunity strategy tool

  • Territory planning tool

  • Pipeline and forecast standards

  • CRM reports and dashboards

DSG Solution

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Playbook Development

High Impact



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